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London Elects First Ever Muslim Mayor

London chooses hope over fear, electing Sadiq Khan who beat Tory Zac Goldsmith after a controversial campaign by the latter, effectively becoming the first Muslim ever to hold the position of Mayor of London.

A Muslim has just been elected mayor of London, reports The Guardian. Labour member Sadiq Khan is the first Muslim ever to be elected to said office.

The 45-year-old Muslim Briton of Pakistani origin garnered 57% of the votes, beating Conservative politician Zac Goldsmith and breaking the record for largest personal mandate in UK politics' history.   

Khan is the first Labour leader to be sworn into the position of Mayor of London since 2008 when Ken Livingstone lost the election to Conservative Boris Johnson.

Khan’s win comes after months of vicious campaigning during which Goldsmith accused the Muslim politician of being “dangerous” and “pandering to extremists.” Goldsmith’s controversial remarks were deemed Islamophobic by the Labour party and even drew criticism from within Conservative circles.

In a speech he gave following his big win, Khan said he was deeply humbled by the hope and trust voters had placed in him and thanked Londoners for “making the impossible possible.” He added: “I’m so proud that Londoners have today chosen hope over fear and unity over division.”