Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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UPDATE: Lufthansa Pilots Strike Causes Further Flight Cancellations

Lufthansa resumed flights to Egypt on Sunday, however further cancellations expected after failing to reach an agreement with striking pilots, who allegedly plan to continue their strike tomorrow.

Staff Writer

UPDATE: Lufthansa Pilots Strike Causes Further Flight Cancellations

Passengers flying on Lufthansa this weekend were caught off guard as eight flights to Egypt were suddenly cancelled due to a pilot strike. However, news has emerged alleging that an agreement has been reached and flights resumed on Sunday.  

Demanding a higher salary, Lufthansa pilots staged their strike on Wednesday, causing the cancellation of 2,600 flights, including eight flights to Egypt. It’s believed that the strike affected over 100,000 passengers worldwide.

According to Reuters, Lufthansa’s pilot trade union rejected the company’s first proposal but after, negotiations, the union agreed to resume flights on Sunday after receiving a 4.4 percent salary increase and a one-time payment of 1.8 times their monthly salary. 

The eight flights cancelled to Egypt couldn’t have come at a worse time, as Egypt continues to struggle to attract tourists in the wake of political instability and flight suspensions stemming from last year’s Russian plane crash.

UPDATE: Shortly after publishing this article, Reuters released an update on this story claiming that an agreement has not been reached. Although some flights resumed on Sunday, on Tuesday pilots of short-haul flights across Germany walked out, and the union is claiming that both short-haul and long-haul pilots will continue the strike on Wednesday. The latest offer has allegedly been rejected by the union and hopes the situation will be resolved through mediation. We advise that anyone with a Lufthansa ticket to check their flight as further cancellations expected.