Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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MB Hiding Out in London

After being declared a terrorist organisation in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood have relocated their headquarters to a downscale London suburb.

Staff Writer

It's a long way from the Presidential Palace but the Muslim Brotherhood have ditched their plush Cairo surrounding for a grotty flat in a downmarket London suburb. Morsi's men are currently running their campaign to reinstate the man whom they call Egypt's 'legitimate president' from Cricklewood in North West London. The group moved their campaign offices to the premises above kebab shop on Cricklewood Broadway after the group was outlawed in Egypt. A handful of senior figures along with a number of Morsi's relatives have fled into exile, and have chosen this spot as a base from which to rebuild the organisation, The Telegraph reports.

One of the relatives, who asked to remain anonymous, said they viewed London as a "safe city" and "the capital of a free democracy that values human rights and social justice." Meanwhile, another added: "We look forward to seeing those values brought back into Egypt once our democracy is restored and our freedom from dictatorship and repression won." The MB's international spokesman, who is also based at its London office, issued a defiant warning to the regime that it would not last. He added: "All military coups must come to an end. We have been used to this [repression] for the 60 years, and we can still function, albeit in a different way to before."

That sounds like fighting talk....the sort of fighting talk one usually makes while trying to appear brave while running away.