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Man to Appear in Court for Allegedly Standing Naked on Balcony During Ramadan

A number of women in Cairo district Hadayek Al-Qubba have filed a formal complaint at their local police department regarding the man’s alleged indecency.

Privately owned news portal Infrrad reported on Tuesday that a man, later identified as Osama A., has been accused of indecent exposure and sexually harassing women from his balcony by several of his female neighbours, with one woman reportedly telling the newspaper that his nudity prevented her from keeping her blinds open, or using her balcony.

Charged with violating Article 278 in the Egyptian Penal Code, Osama A. was referred to trial by prosecutors after they reportedly received testimonies from his female neighbours. He could face up to a year in prison, or a maximum fine of LE300. He has since dismissed these charges as “lies,” stating to Infrared “I do sometimes step outside in the balcony in an undershirt and shorts, because the weather is very hot sometimes,” but denied that he ever performed any illicit activity.