Monday September 25th, 2023
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Marble Workshop Collapses in South Cairo Killing Three

Yesterday afternoon, news emerged that multiple illegally-built marble workshops collapsed, killing as many as three workers in southern Cairo.

Staff Writer

Crumbling construction once again dominates Egyptian headlines, as news emerged yesterday afternoon that six workshops in a marble-manufacturing factory collapsed in the southern Cairo district of Shaq al Thoaban, claiming the lives of three workers.

According to a Youm7 report, the Cairo Deputy Governor, Gihan Abdel-Rahman, claims that the collapsed workshops were illegally built on a rocky area, and that the government will increase efforts to remove all illegal workshops.

Aiding the search for survivors, a helicopter and crane were dispatched to the location in order to aid in the rescue efforts.

This latest collapse continues to stoke fears among Egyptians, as poor enforcement of building regulations, and lack of maintaining infrastructure, continue to regularly appear in headlines. Just last week, a bridge in Alexandria collapsed, claiming three lives, despite warnings by officials that as many as 700 bridges are in need of dire repairs.

Photo Retrieved from Deputy Gamal El Sherif Facebook Page.