Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Brew & Chew Is Coming To The Courtyard Maadi

Alexandria's favourite dessert café and restaurant is coming to Cairo's number one food destination: The Courtyard. Maadi, here we come! *straps on fat pants and runs out of office*

Staff Writer

Maadi might as well be in a different time zone, but for some reason we have continued to frequent this far far away land. Then, The Courtyard came and changed everything, and now we're actually considering a career change and a swift move to Maadi. One thing that will definitely accelerate our decision-making process is Brew & Chew, the dessert café and restaurant that's native to Alexandria is finally coming to Cairo’s Courtyard Maadi. 

We discovered Brew & Chew on a wintry Alexandrian afternoon, where we found warmth and comfort, and buried our self-esteem issues in their world class chocolate fondue after gobbling two servings of their orgasmically delicious Salmon Spiraly. You don't have to take our word for it, though, because Brew & Chew is bringing its whole bag of sweet, sweet tricks to the city of a thousand places to eat (a.k.a. Cairo) this Thursday, March 3rd.

Now this bliss is available for Cairenes, too, provided they are willing to commute to Maadi every time their partners point out their faulty characters and cellulite - or, better yet, move to Maadi altogether and dump their partners. Decision made: Maadi, here we come.     

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