Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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Ministry Shuts Down Egyptian Orphanage Accused of Burning Children

The Social Solidarity Ministry has shut down a Nasr City orphanage, after investigating reports claiming that they were beating and burning children with hot metal.

Staff Writer

Ministry Shuts Down Egyptian Orphanage Accused of Burning Children

Egyptian orphans are often overlooked in society leading to cases of rampant abuses. The most recent example emerged over the weekend and according to Ahram Online, a Nasr City orphanage has been shut down by the authorities over reports and claims of severe child abuse that has taken place within the confines of the establishment.

The aforementioned Orphanage has been shut down by Egypt's social solidarity ministry after reports had surfaced asserting that several girls within the compound have been subjected to abuse according to state news agency MENA.

Multiple news sources stated on Friday that some girls within the orphanage have been experiencing beatings, as well as severe burns, believed to be results of being forced into physical contact with hot metal.

On Saturday, the investigation confirmed the legitimacy of the filed complaints against the orphanage which lead to the immediate shutdown by ministry officials.

As for the girls who were residing at the orphanage, they have been transferred to a nearby orphanage under the very close supervision of the ministry in hopes of guaranteeing their safety and well-being.

As per the latest figures released by UNICEF's 2016 State of the World’s Children report, 93 percent of Egyptian children encounter "violent discipline".