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VIDEO: Zap Tharwat and Amina Khalil's Chilling New Song on Life in Egypt

A little slice of our society's reality.

When we saw that lyrical genius Zap Tharwat combined forces with the multitalented Amina Khalil and the creative genius that is Sary Hany, we knew we were in for a treat. But, no matter how far our imaginations took us, we never quite imagined this...

Brilliant, isn't it? Backed by the National Council for Women, UN Women Egypt, the Embassy of Japan in Egypt, and produced by Axeer Studio, the song tells the story of a person named Nour – a dedicated, hardworking mechanical engineer who bent over backwards to support their family, especially when Nour's father got ill and eventually passed away. Told from the perspective of a potential employer reading an excerpt from Nour's personal story, the tale is already touching. However, Nour is a gender-neutral name, so – plot twist – in walks a female Nour for an interview. 

What follows is an honest insight into the mental back-and-forth the employer has upon finding out Nour is a girl. Should I still hire her even if she's a girl? Do I hire a female mechanic? followed by How could I even think that? I owe her an apology for just the thought. The somber-sounding lyrical brilliance of Zap Tharwat is so sweetly yet powerfully complemented by Amina Khalil, who comes in to sing: 'His' role will never be completed without 'Her' role

As the credits to the song roll along the screen, we see photos of some of Egypt's incredible women, including Liqa' El Khouly – Egypt's first female mechanic.

The song has been produced in support of the ‫#‏سر_قوتك‬ campaign, which asserts that the secret behind how powerful you are is that you're a woman – it's the 'teh marboota' (feminine conjugation in Arabic) that you should boldly declare.