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Officially Engaged: Egyptian Heartthrob Amr Youssef and Superstar Kinda Alloush!

They're just as good looking and talented as Brangelina.

We weren't sure if it was true when we heard that Grand Hotel star Amr Youssef and gorgeous Syrian actress Kinda Alloush were officialy engaged. But when their colleagues shared the announcement posts congratulating them, and ET Bel 3arabi totally confirmed it on live TV, we knew it is definitely legit – though both of them haven't actually confirmed, nor denied it.

We're not sure how and when - they totally pulled an Amy Samir Ghanem and Hassan El Raddad with hiding their relationship, but their engagement, according to sources, will be followed by a wedding in the beginning of 2017. Their relationship marks Youssef's departure from bachelorhood (and the heartbreak of about 99 per cent of Egyptian women and girls). For Alloush, on the other hand, this is her second take after her first marriage with Syrian playwright Fares El Zahabi. 

The talented couple shared the screen together in Ramadan of 2013 in the TV series Countdown, and the 2011 film Bartita. While we first took note of Alloush's beauty and exceptional talents in Ahl Cairo in 2010, Youssef paved his way to stardom – after working as a TV presenter for some years – in 2006, when he performed alongside Nour El Sherif and his ex-fiancee, Mai Nour El Sherif, in El Dali

Social media reactions ranged from tears, to freakishly creepy detailed predictions of how their children will look like caramel cheesecake with a scoop of strawberry ice-cream. Congratulations to Amrinda (yes, we had to)!