Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Nestlé Egypt #LeadingTogether Towards a Gender Inclusive Workplace

Nestlé Egypt launches a new initiative where women and men are #LeadingTogether to build a successful and dynamic company that is gender inclusive and values the role of women in creating high performance organisations.

Staff Writer

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As you may know, a fierce gust of women empowerment swept through Egypt on International Women’s Day this year, and social media was flooded with momentous female achievements. All around the world, women are pioneering major advancements throughout a myriad of industries and breaking through the gender inequality.

However, while some women were being celebrated for their achievements, others continued to struggle to receive the same opportunities, promotions, and recognition as their male counterparts. In Egypt, several factors contribute to women only making 25% of the labour force such as lower literacy rates and conservative social norms. What some workplaces are still reluctant to understand is the great economic benefits they will yield if we all work together towards a gender inclusive society.

One company is committed to build a gender-inclusive organisation; Nestlé Egypt made it their mission to embrace the power of women by celebrating their achievements and pushing them to achieve more through support, passion, strength, and empathy. As part of their journey towards gender parity, Nestlé Egypt has just rolled out #LeadingTogether campaign, which focuses on creating an environment that allows and encourages women to follow their career aspiration while balancing a healthy family life. “Organisations can make headway when women stand on equal footing with men and when their exceptional talents are nurtured,” Nestlé Egypt Chairman and CEO Yasser Abdulmalak stated.Nestlé Egypt is truly #LeadingTogether by consistently inviting women into roles where they are not conventionally present, having more women in leadership positions, mentoring more women, and sponsoring their goals. Nestlé Egypt is eager to push job opportunities for women in male- dominated fields such as sales, logistics, and manufacturing. “This campaign reflects our recognition of the role of women and their remarkable efforts in building innovative and high performance organisations," says Heba Afifi, head of Nestlé Egypt’s Communications department.

So for this campaign on their Social Media, Nestlé Egypt is saluting inspirational women from different walks of life including Nestlé employees who have paved their own path, carved out their success and achieved their goals. Nestlé Egypt is inviting the public to use the hashtag #LeadingTogether or #نتقدم_سواto share their own inspirational stories or the stories of women that inspired them either in a comment on Nestlé Egypt’s Facebook and Instagram pages or in a public post.

With this year dubbed as Women’s Year in Egypt, the country continues to bloom with initiatives, startups, and NGO's that attempt to achieve gender parity through support groups or mobile applications to raise awareness about the issue.

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*The content of this article is sponsored.