Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Putin Proposes Building Nuclear Power Plant in Egypt

As part of Putin's discussions with Sisi this week, Russia has made its intentions to cooperate with Egypt on nuclear power clear.

Staff Writer

Putin Proposes Building Nuclear Power Plant in Egypt

As advertised on Egyptian roads everywhere, Vladimir Putin is on a visit in Egypt to talk with President Sisi about possible trade agreements. Currently being discussed are potential agreements that will see Russia construct a nuclear power plant to generate electricity to help Egypt out of its energy shortfalls.

According to a report by Al Ahram Arabic news website, the power plant is one of several potential industrial and trade deals to be discussed, including endorsing military cooperation to combat the spread of terrorism and increasing tourism, among other investments opportunities. At a joint press conference on Tuesday, Putin said that, "if final decisions are reached" regarding the power plant, construction would start straight away. He said the project would include capacity building and studies.

Egypt has been suffering from an energy crisis and although nuclear power would definitely relieve the energy shortfall, it comes with its own risks. The land which once held the Chernobyl nuclear reactor is still unusable decades after their nuclear disaster. Egypt does have plenty of desert space far from populated areas, and could use more jobs, however at the same time Egypt has a terrible history of maintaining infrastructure and could be setting itself up for a future nuclear failure.

At the press conference President Sisi said "The cooperation never ended and never will end,“ adding that "we see in Russia a strategic friend and a real asset to balanced foreign relations for Egypt."