Saturday May 25th, 2024
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The UK Has Invested a Total of USD 21.5 Billion in Egypt

The two countries have been engaged in bilateral cooperation in the fields of food security, agriculture and other industries.

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The UK Has Invested a Total of USD 21.5 Billion in Egypt

Ahmed Samir, the Minister of Trade and Industry, revealed that the total investments from the UK in Egypt have soared to an impressive $21.5 billion, a testament to the flourishing trade relations between the two nations. This surge in investment is a direct result of a remarkable 44.7 percent increase in the volume of trade exchange between Egypt and the UK.

In 2022, the volume of trade between the two countries reached an impressive GBP 3.4 billion, a substantial rise from the GBP 2.3 billion recorded in 2021. Furthermore, Egypt's exports to the UK witnessed a staggering 83 percent surge, reaching GBP 1686 million in 2022 compared to GBP 921 million in the previous year, as affirmed by Minister Ahmed Samir.

These impressive figures underscore the robustness of the economic ties between Egypt and the UK.