Friday December 1st, 2023
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Six Killed in Alexandria By Electrocution After Tram Power Line Falls Into Flooded Streets

Six people and a horse were tragically killed in a freak accident, when a tram power line fell onto Alexandrian flooded streets.

Staff Writer

Egyptians woke up this morning to rain, and with rain comes a myriad of problems ranging from streets flooding to apparently, electrocutions. According to Youm 7, six people were killed in Alexandria by electrocution after a tram power cable fell into one Alexandria flooded streets.

Allegedly before the accident, the victims were looking for shelter from the downpour. Finding shelter near the tram in Moharam Beek street, the victims were instantly killed when a live power cable fell into the flooded street. None of the victims names have been released, and there have been no official statements made by authorities on the incident.

Also killed in the series of unfortunate event was a horse who was also electrocuted. This tragic accident reaffirms the need for routine maintenance of live power cables, and is the latest example highlighting the importance of building storm drains to manage floods, even if they rarely happen. This issue is especially troubling in Alexandria, as according to statements made in October by Alexandria's governor Hani el-Meseira, the city hasn’t had any development projects on infrastructure in 15 years.