Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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St. Mina Orphanage Reopens on Christmas Eve

As part of the UAE's ongoing efforts to support Egypt's Coptic Church, the Emirati Minister of State officiated the re-opening newly-renovated orphanage in Ismailia.

Staff Writer

UAE Minister of State, Dr. Sultan Ahmed El Jaber just yesterday officiated the opening of the newly renovated St. Mina Orphanage in Ismailia. The reopening of the orphanage comes on what we imagine being the perfect day, what with it being Christmas Eve and everything. The development work on the St. Mina Orphanage is part of the UAE's ongoing efforts to support a range of projects for the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, with the UAE both carrying out and funding the completion of the orphanage.

The Bishop of the Holy Diocese of Ismailia was in attendance at the opening ceremony and thanked the UAE for its active engagement in supporting socially-driven projects in Egypt, saying, "Today we witness the opening of St. Mina orphanage and we sincerely thank those who helped build something tangible that will benefit a number of children in time of need. Through giving back to the community, we are truly contributing to building a better tomorrow as children hold the key for the future.”

The orphanage, which will be managed by the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Ismailia, has been equipped with the necessary materials to ensure both social and educational care for orphans until they graduate from university. The UAE Minister of State said: "The directives of the UAE leadership clearly focus on providing support to the people of Egypt across all sects through spearheading worthy humanitarian initiatives. Today, we are pleased to reopen the St. Mina Orphanage. We are confident the newly restored premises will provide social and educational care under appropriate conditions to help children build their future and achieve their dreams and goals. We are confident this new home will help children to become vital members of mainstream society."

The UAE's support towards Egypt however, is not limited to this orphanage, as they are currently involved in helping out with a variety of projects in the country, including medical clinics, a school, and even a heritage center. Thank you Daddy Warbucks Dubai. It's a Christmas Miracle!