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Video: Fuel Tanker Explodes In Alexandria

A huge fireball can be seen engulfing people and vehicles following the explosion of a truck carrying 30 tonnes of gasoline.

Staff Writer

Video: Fuel Tanker Explodes In Alexandria
A video has surfaced of a truck that was carrying 30 tonnes of gasoline exploding in the Wardian region of Alexandria, injuring 10 people and causing millions of pounds in damage. 
The truck can be seen on its side with fuel spilling into the street after some kind of accident. Several people and vehicles are gathered around, watching the scene unfold without any visible police or security presence. 
Suddenly the river of fuel bursts into flames and panic breaks out as several people and vehicles are engulfed in flames and screams can be heard. No deaths have been reported but 10 people suffered second and third-degree burns on up to 70% of their bodies.
CAUTION: The video contains graphic content. 


UPDATE: A video posted to Facebook shows people filling up buckets with gas just before the tanker explodes.

خدوا الكبيرة بقى ,الناس ملمومة حوالين العربية بيلموا منها بنزين قبل ماتنفجر ...شعب جميل

Posted by Mohamed Omran on Monday, April 4, 2016