Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Watch This Chilling Clip - Syria 'In Reverse'

The 'With Syria' campaign has just released a harrowing clip about Syria, entitled 'In Reverse', reminding us of the horrific bloodshed that the years of violence has reaped…

Staff Writer

In today's turbulent society, it seems that the Middle East is engulfed in an endless cycle of conflict, with global and local news organisations hopping from country to country like a twisted game of hopscotch. The result is an audience hooked on short-term conflict with little knowledge of the long term consequences of war.

However, the 'With Syria' campaign is designed to tackle the trend by reminding people of the conflict with has already claimed more than 150,000 civilians' lives. The harrowing clip entitled 'In Reverse' aims to show the effects and changes caused by three years of brutal civil war using a playground scene as a heart-wrenching example.

Check out the video below for a reminder that just because the news cameras stop rolling, doesn't mean that the bloodshed has stopped.