Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Will Egypt Be Taking New Jersey to Court?

News is emerging out of New Jersey that the Egyptian government may have to sue the town of East Rutherford, specifically their Zoning Board, for continuing to reject Egyptian plans to renovate a residence they acquired.

Staff Writer

Will Egypt Be Taking New Jersey to Court?

A report by out of East Rutherford, New Jersey is going viral claiming that the Egyptian government is planning on taking the town to court, after it rejected Egypt's plans to renovate a building it had acquired for its delegation missions to the United Nations.

Allegedly representing the Arab Republic of Egypt is attorney Antranig Aslanian Jr, who stated on Monday that he expects to be filing a complaint in the state’s Superior Court over the Zoning Board of Adjustments' decision to reject Egypt’s renovation plans. Without the Zoning Board approval Egypt will be unable to legally make the changes.

Looking to expand the two-storey residence from having 12 rooms to 20, the Zoning Board raised concerns that the property doesn’t have adequate parking to support the expansion of rooms. Countering this argument Aslanian points out that those staying at the residence are foreign diplomats that will not have their own cars, and will be travelling in vans or escorts.

The property dispute began back in 2014, when at the time the board denied Egypt’s request for permits to demolish and rebuild the residence to comply with current fire and construction codes.

Talking to, Aslanian states "They, in my opinion, reversed themselves," referring to the Zoning Board's denial of any expansion on Thursday after its November 2014 ruling rejecting demolition. 

If the situation isn’t resolved or alternative option provided for Egypt's renovation plans, then Aslanian is threatening to take legal action, but will be unable to do so until the Zoning Board officially approves their decision to reject Egypt’s renovation plans at their March 3rd meeting.

Photo credit: MITSU YASUKAWA