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You Now Need to Have Proof of a Hotel Booking to Enter Sinai

New restrictions have been imposed on passengers crossing the Ahmed Hamdi tunnel to and from Sinai, as officials attempt to tighten security in the area.

In an attempt to further tighten security measures at the Ahmed Hamdi tunnel, which connects the Sinai Peninsula with the other governorates, all passengers crossing the tunnel will have to meet stricter conditions to be allowed passage.

The newly imposed restrictions come as the government attempts to block the smuggling of narcotics and prevent criminal and terrorists from sneaking into Sinai, Youm7 reported, quoting South Sinai Governorate's Head of Security General Ahmed Tayel.

Conditions to pass through the tunnel include a hotel booking - either by receipt or by a copy of their reservation on “Whatsapp” - or a proof of rental contract or apartment ownership for tourists and citizens going on vacation. Sinai public sector and employees in Sharm El Sheikh, on the other hand, must obtain a security card from their workplace, whereas citizens from Sinai are required to carry their Sinai-issued National ID.

According to local media reports, the restrictions are being implemented since the beginning of the new year by the Directorate Security of South Sinai Governorate, in coordination with the Directorate Security of Suez Governorate.