Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Egypt Receives 120,000 Tonnes of Sugar from France and Brazil

Egypt might be one step closer to recovering from its sugar crisis, as our Supply Minister announces that 120,000 tonnes of sugar arrived from Brazil and France on Wednesday.

Staff Writer

Coming to the rescue of Om el Donia tea drinkers is Egypt’s Minister of Supply Mohamed Ali El-Sheikh who announced on Wednesday that Egypt has received 120,000 tonnes of sugar from Brazil and France.

According to Ahram Online, El-Sheikh announced that 85,000 tonnes arrived at the Port of Alexandria, while another 35,000 arrived at Port Damietta. The minister continued to explain that the shipment is being distributed throughout the nation at a commercial retail price of 10.5 EGP per kg and set the price for subsidised sugar at 7 EGP per kg.

Looking to overcome the shortages that plagued Egypt at the end of 2016, El-Sheikh stated that 1,200,000 tonnes of locally grown sugar cane have been delivered to six sugar factories in Upper Egypt since the start of harvesting season.

Egyptians consume roughly 3 million tonnes of sugar annually and managed to produce 2.2 million tonnes in 2016. Hoping to close the gap, the minister mentions that two new sugar factories will become operational helping Egypt reduce its need to import sugar.

Photo by Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Reuters