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Cairo Jazz Club want you to stalk their live music acts in return for free shots. Seriously. Here's how to win...

Can we go smoke a cigarette? I really need one. But first, let me take a selfie! Oh wait, I'm at the gym, let me take a selfie!! Let's hit the beach, la2a estana, let me take a selfie!!! Ah, the selfie. There’s a song about it, it was recently added to the dictionary, and they’ve pretty much removed the need for mirrors in our lives. We all have friends who post selfies of themselves, week after week. The same pose, the same makeup, the same bedroom … it’s pretty much the same picture with a different Instagram filter and a totally irrelevant song lyric as a caption. But what do we get in return? Absolutely nothing.

Well, that's all about to change with Cairo Jazz Club's new competition, #ImWithTheBand. Here's how it goes. Every Tuesday and Thursday while their live acts are in an unsuspecting state; performing, sound checking or making small talk with their guests, quickly snap a selfie (without them knowing, of course) and tag Cairo Jazz Club's Instagram (@CairoJazzClub) with the hashtag #ImWithTheBand. The person with the most interactions gets two flaming shots and a T-shirt the following week. There will be four more runner ups who will receive two shots each. As you can see above, we're already pretty good at this so watch out. May the shots be ever in your favour.