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A notorious Mexican drug-lord was finally arrested after posting his exploits on an unprotected Instagram account. #Fail.

Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, otherwise known as El Chino Antrax, is a Mexican drug-lord with the mind of a tween girl and the dress sense of a Downtown Cairo clothing stall salesman. 

As if it weren’t enough to simply live the life of an atypical Mexican drug-lord, complete with solid gold AKs, mega yachts, Lamborghinis, private jets, parrots and Paris Hilton, he had to show the world just how awesome he was at being a Mexican drug-lord... on Instagram.

Unfortunately, in what was probably the easiest case in the history of the DEA, all those hipster snaps he took became immediate and public evidence and he was arrested at Amsterdam Airport for drug charges in Southern California. So let that be a lesson to you boys and girls... if you sell enough drugs, you can buy a Bentley... Just don't put it in Brannan.