Monday May 29th, 2023
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10 Celebrities Egyptians Didn't Know Were Gay

We're pretty sure you guys know everyone on this list, but did you know their sexual preference?

Staff Writer

Celebrities are beginning to expose their sexual preferences, and whether it’s being a heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual it seems the world is becoming more comfortable with others' sexuality. Hey if someone’s happy let them be happy and live their lives right?

Well we at CairoScene have composed a list of some celebrities who you may have never known decided to publicly announce that they are not the assumed heterosexuals.

1) Matt Bomer  For those of you unfamiliar with the name you’ll definitely recognise the face - the beautiful beautiful face. He is the star of the hit TV series White Collar playing con artist Neal Caffery who cooperates with the FBI to reduce his sentence (and also have a lot of fun if you haven’t watched the show).  He first publicly announced he was gay during an acceptance speech; he lives happily with his husband Simon Halls and has three children whom they got via surrogate.  

2) Jim Parsons – The star of the hit show about adorable geeks that we all love (well everyone in this office does at least) The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper has fearlessly “come out of the closet” admitting that he is gay in 2012 and has apparently been in a great relationship for the past 10 years. 


3) Raven Symone – I think we can all agree she has had one hell of a career as a child star. In 2014 in an interview with Oprah she admitted to being bisexual but currently has a girlfriend whom she is in a happy and stable relationship with. That’s cheetahlicious!    


4) Jodie Foster – Jodie Foster has been in some major movies that a lot of people have at least seen once, such as The Silence of The Lambs, Taxi Driver, Elysium and the list can just go on and on. She came out as bisexual at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. She currently has two children and is married to to actress and photographer Alexandra Hedison.


5) Giorgio Armani – Well we all know this name; obviously he’s not in the acting industry but we can all agree he’s a celebrity nevertheless. If this is new knowledge to you, he is also gay and has been for quite some time. For those who pass judgement on this icon for being gay, just remember he’s got a few billion dollars in his bank account so your opinion probably doesn't bother him that much.


6) Ellen Page – This face should definitely ring a bell. The petite actress has starred several hit movies like Juno, Smart People, Inception and two of the infamous X-Men films. As beautiful as this woman is, sorry to burst your bubbles guys but in 2014 she openly came out as gay.    


7) Neil Patrick Harris – Ok everyone loves this guy - it’s so hard not to especially in his amazing performances as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother. It's especially funny that he's on this list considering he plays a total womanizer on the show! Admitting he was gay in 2011 he is now happily married to David Burtka. Thanks for all the laughs Neil keep it up!


8) Wentworth Miller – Prison Break was an amazing show and is still wildly popular in Egypt. If you don’t like that show, you’re of course entitled to your opinion but your opinion is wrong. He got imprisoned to break his brother out, guys! Wentworth Miller, the star of the show is…drumroll please…gay. He admitted the fact in 2013. The guy who graced us with an amazingly suspense-filled show that always kept us on our toes brought sadness to women across the world when he said he just didn't swing that way. 


9) Ian McKellen – Ok you guys definitely know who this is with his top roles in films like The Lord of the Rings’ series playing Gandalf the Gay (see what we did there?) and the infamous Magneto in the X-Men series. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise to you guys as he has been openly gay for forever but he is also happily married to Sunny Ozell. This guy is pure legend.


10) Hamed Sinno - The rockstar has always been synonymous with womanising, but arguably one of the Middle East's biggest homegrown musicians, lead singer of Mashrou3 Leila, Sinno, has come out of the closet. Some of his songs even elude to his affairs with men, and to do so in a conservative region is brave. We salute you Hamed Sinno!