Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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18 Essentials for Heineken Sandbox 2015

As we all gear up for the beach event of the year, we've got you covered on what to pack...

Staff Writer

Everyone is excitedly gearing up for the three-day Heineken Sandbox festival in Gouna from the 28th-30th which will feature an unprecedented line-up of local and international House music heroes, and plenty of beach-side frolics. You can just imagine the 'night before' montage as ravers from all over Cairo begin pondering and preparing, deciding what to pack for the madness, what to bring... what to bring...?! Fret not, here's our essentials guide to Heineken Sandbox 2015...

1 - You're not getting in without one of these.

2 - AUX cable so you can listen to Nacelle DJs' sets en route.

3 - Headphones in-case your friend has bad taste in music.

4 - Beer, because beer.

5 - You know what's cooler than using your teeth? Having a bottle opener.

6 - Shades for day-time.

7 - Shades for night-time.

8 - A harmonica so you can make friends with Fulltone who plays the harmonica.

9 - If we've learned anything from Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, it's that you must always have your towel.

10 - Travel pillow; you'll need it for the journey back after three days of fist pumping.

11 - That book you always take with you to the beach, and promise yourself you'll read but who are you kidding? You're too busy partying.

12 - Hair band... for your man bun.

13 - Sunscreen. You're brown enough.

14 - Rorschach inkblot test, because it's fun to mess with people in between sets and they work great for late night vajwala.

15 - Your hipster fanela, tab3an!

16 - This is a beach festival, leave your jeans at home and get wet.

17 - More beer.

18 - Your phones, to be used for your own essential shots, selfies and drunken blurry party photos whilst hashtagging #HeinekenSANDBOX.