Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Nineteen Twenty Five: Cairo's First Speakeasy Will Take You Back To The Roaring Twenties

Grab your flapper hats, ladies, the roarin' 20s are coming back in all their glory at Nineteen Twenty Five, a new delicately themed 1920s restaurant and bar set to hit Cairo...

Staff Writer

In one of Woody Allen’s masterpiece movies, Midnight in Paris, Gil Pender finds himself deeply nostalgic for the past, specifically the 1920s, and manages to hitch a ride into a carriage that goes back in time to his beloved era. The movie opens up with striking visuals of women in their flapper dresses, bonnets, silk satin skirts, feather headbands, penciled eyebrows, and deep red lipstick. A whole new world extends its arms to us and we get infected with Pender's nostalgia to go back to the roaring twenties. 

How many times did we long to catch that same carriage and live in the 20s, if only for a brief while? That's okay; you’re in luck, Cairo. That carriage is closer to you than you might think.

Nineteen Twenty Five Restaurant and Bar is set to open in Fairmont Nile City this month; the new nightspot and eatery will have the subtle yet delicately rich feel of the 20s, sans the overdone Halloweenish party impression. On the contrary, an evening spent at Nineteen Twenty Five will carry its guests to a vibrantly different era – a trip in time that will grow infinitely more captivating as the night progresses, with jazzy tunes and entertainment that'll serve as a beautifully painful reminder that we were definitely born in the wrong era.

Instead of envying Gil and the carriage he found in Paris, hold your breath for just a few more days, put on a sophisticated dress or a flamboyant suit, call up some friends (and lovers), and head to Nineteen Twenty Five for your trip to the twenties.

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