Friday December 8th, 2023
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250 MW Wind Station in Gulf of Suez Will Be Operational This December

Located in the Gulf of Suez, the wind station has an investment cost of up to USD 280 million.

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The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy has announced that the New and Renewable Energy Authority’s 250 megawatt wind station currently being developed in the Gulf of Suez will be fully operational by December 2023.

The project has an investment cost of up to USD 280 million and is part of the government’s framework to diversify energy sources as well as expand renewable energy projects.

The New and Renewable Energy Authority is also developing a 50 megawatt solar cell project in Zaafarana in the Suez governorate with investments of up to EUR 38 million.

Renewable energy projects have produced energy amounting up to 6600 megawatts contributing to saving an equivalent of more than 750 thousand tons of petroleum, along with reducing more than 200 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.