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3.3% of School Bus Drivers Test Positive for Drugs

18 school bus drivers have tested positive for drugs out of 553 test subjects, marking a 6.4 percent decrease from last year.

Out of 553 school bus drivers, 18 tested positive for drugs so far across Cairo, Giza, and Qalyubia, all of whom are to be prosecuted, reports Egypt Independent.

The tests have been conducted since the start of the school term by the Fighting and Treatment of Addiction Fund (FTAF), a programme by the Ministry of Social Solidarity, headed by Minister Ghada Wali.     

Among the substances abused by the drivers are Tramadol, heroin, and marijuana.

There is, however, a silver lining, as the rate of substance abuse among school bus drivers has gone down from 9.7 percent (recorded last year) to 3.3 percent this year.  

“The committee examined 179 drivers in Cairo. Five drivers were found to be addicts, with three cases addicted to Tramadol and two addicted to several kinds of drugs," Wali said on Friday, adding that the random tests will continue.

Out of 201 drivers tested in Giza, 11 were found to be using drugs, while in Qalyubia, only two out of 173 drivers tested positive for drugs.