Monday July 22nd, 2024
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31 Newborns Evacuated from Al Shifa Hospital for Transfer to Egypt

The newborns are scheduled for transfer to Egypt today, November 20th.

Cairo Scene

31 Newborns Evacuated from Al Shifa Hospital for Transfer to Egypt

Palestinian health officials, working in conjunction with UNICEF and the World Health Organization, have successfully moved 31 premature babies, all in "extremely critical condition," from Gaza's main hospital, Al Shifa, to be relocated to Egypt. This transfer comes in the wake of Al Shifa’s complete operational collapse, leaving over 250 severely injured patients with urgent medical needs stranded after an Israeli Occupation Forces' recent raid to investigate alleged Hamas operations within the compound.

The premature infants, previously in Al Shifa where power and supplies were withheld by Israeli Occupation Forces, are now receiving urgent care at Al-Helal Al-Emarati Hospital in Rafah city, located in southern Gaza. This evacuation follows the death of four infants two days ago and the total breakdown of medical services at Al Shifa, according to Mohamed Zaqout, director of Gaza hospitals.

Transported in temperature-controlled incubators and accompanied by medical staff from Al Shifa Hospital, these newborns are currently receiving stabilization and care in the neonatal intensive care unit. Their scheduled transfer to Egypt is set for today, November 20th.