Friday December 1st, 2023
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3D Selfies

Just when you thought people couldn't get more self-involved...

Staff Writer
Well, it was only a matter of time, we've had 3D guns, 3D fetuses, and now 3D selfies. The super-creepy craze which basically allows narcissists to create life sized dolls of themselves. The move will undoubtedly strike fear into the hearts of anyone who has seen the Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky or indeed, Curse of Chucky. And frankly the whole thing scares the be-jeezus out of us. And obviously, Lady Gaga was the first to get in on the act:
The firm behind the bizarre service claim that it's all perfectly normal - in fact, people, it's just history in action. The company's founder Artem Yukhin said:“This is exactly what people did in the early history of photography – they got dressed up and took pictures of themselves. Now, people want to scan themselves, and make little statues of themselves.”
Of course this news will force many to question human evolution when we've managed to create a 3D selfie yet failed to eradicate child poverty, save the planet or find a cure for most diseases. Humans - we truly do, win at life.