Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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4 Ways Egyptian Moms Showed You Love With Kiri Cheese

Since everyone's buzzing about Kiri's new #MoreThanAMom campaign, we decided to combine our (possibly equal) love for food and mom.

Staff Writer

Even Marvel Comics can't come up with a superhero like our moms; they have the undefeated superpower of being the ultimate multitasking creatures. We could swear it's a potion diluted by doctors into the painkillers they take when pushing us out of the womb. Your mother can diagnose your illness (or faking thereof) better than any doctor, can be the best fashion stylist and go on shopping sprees with a limited budget, knows how to whip out a meal with three ingredients, is a psychiatrist whose hugs are the only prescribed drugs you need (so corny, but so true), and is a genius who can help you study for anything – from the alphabet to calculus. When Kiri started their #MoreThanAMom campaign, they got us reminiscent of all the ways mama was more than a mom – she was an unstoppable force of goodness saving our worlds.Kiri Egypt is asking us to show mamas the love they deserve and send over a video about all the times mama was more than a mom. In return, they'll send the winner and their mom off to Lebanon! Of course, here at CairoScene, our mind wandered off to the food part – as always – but when we came back to reality, we thought of all the ways our moms excelled in the role and made the best of our childhood, adolescence, and adulthood with a little Kiri spreadin'. 

Making Creative School Lunches

Your mom is obviously a nutritionist; she could have just spread any cheese on a piece of feeno and let you have it – but she chose to give you fun surprises to make your friends jealous. She cut up healthy and crunch veggies on a bed of Kiri spread for a savoury lunch. Oh, you were a sweet tooth? She totally got your back with some strawberry jam n' Kiri sandwich.

Planning Your Birthday Parties

Obviously the best party planner in town is Mama's Birthday Services. However, she wasn't going to let you eat that much cake and get away with it. So she always made sure we have a good set of salizons snacks – elegant pieces of toast with Kiri and tuna inside with a toothpick holding them together – to even out all the sugary stuff.

Teaching You to Cook

How does a teacher get you to do your homework? They establish trust. Mama already let you establish that in your relationship between you and Kiri as a child; she knows you'd be willing to walk into the kitchen and give her a break when she gives you easy recipes with some Kiri creaminess. Pasta with cheesy white sauce, anyone? Still a good comfort food.

Baking World-Class Desserts

How does mama not have her own bakery yet? We're not sure. We didn't even know you could make cheesecake at home, but mama did it! She magically whips it up with a couple of Kiri cubes. Of course you enjoyed it while listening to (read: tuning out) a ramble about how much you spend going to cafes eating cheesecake that isn't as great as hers.

We decided to combine it with our love for creamy cheese bites, but you don't need to tell Kiri Egypt in a video more than how your queen mother is #MoreThanAMom!

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