Friday September 22nd, 2023
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400% Increase In Cairo Metro Ticket Prices May Be a Reality

Drastic price hikes are surfacing everywhere and Egypt's metro is no exception as word emerges the fare may increase by up to 400%.

Staff Writer

Prices in Egypt are increasing on every corner, from electricity to exchange rates to grocery shopping, it's become a fact of life with the current economic situation. Unsurprisingly, Sada El Balad News reports from sources in the Egyptian National Authority for Tunnels, that a new price will be taking effect – going up to L.E. 5 per one-way ticket.

According to the same news source, taking the metro will now cost subway riders a 200% increase, as it is set to be L.E. 3 for 'regular' carts, while the air-conditioned carts will cost L.E. 5.

Without mentioning the amount increased, and denying the aforementioned prices, the Minister of Transportation, Dr Galal Sa'eed, said that this increase is necessary for the continuation of this service, as well as the wellbeing and comfort of citizens.

Dr Sa'eed also adds that the current cost of tickets is L.E. 1, which is only 9% of its true value, and that this price hasn't changed since 2002. It seems that he was also trying to imply that with everything getting an increase, it doesn't make sense that such a costly industry's service would cost so little. 

Sada El Balad also reports that the new underground is said to have a lot more services for citizens, such as information desks and supervisors inside the metro carts, claiming that the underground metro is getting a system makeover that seeks the comfort of all the riders.