Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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4Fold Mondays @ Amici

Amici's new Monday night program sees the party goers deciding who will be behind the decks...

Staff Writer

We've all complained about a DJ one time or another. The music is too loud, it's too repetitive, it's too old, not enough vocals.... Well shut ub your mouse and listen up; starting next week Amici will give you the party-goers the power to decide which DJ will be spinning at their Zamalek branch.

Every week in April, Amici will post a flyer with four of Egypt's top spinners that you get to choose from. The DJ with the most votes/comments will be the chosen one to take you on a musical journey the following Monday.

The first week kicks off with a showdown between the brilliant foursome of Moneim Hafez, Moustafa Emad, Saleh Amin and Niazi so you can choose the DJ that best suits your partying needs.

To vote check out the Amici post here.