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5 Ways to Cheat Egypt's Skyrocketing Prices

Jumia's ongoing Black Friday sale is the only relief you will find from Egypt's skyrocketing prices these days. Here are five ways to cheat your way into buying and saving on everything you need for next year.

The decision to free float the pound has sent prices skyrocketing on everything, leaving Egyptians feeling that anything they want/need/love is no longer affordable. Recognising that Egyptians are panicking, online shopping saviours Jumia have decided to provide some relief in the form of epic ongoing Black Friday sales that will come to an end this Friday. Upon learning about their insane deals, we hired a team of hackers to infiltrate the Jumia website and provide us with some insider info to help us cheat our way into saving big on everything we need for the coming year. 

Figure out your credit limit.

Jumia’s unbelievable deals spread across all its online categories. Whether you need to stay fashionably on point or desperately need new appliances, this week is the time to buy everything. With discounts reaching up to 70 percent, we recommend spending up to your credit limit because, even if you surpass it, Jumia makes it possible to pay in cash upon delivery. According to our hackers' leaked info, there's also an exclusive discount for those paying with MasterCard, which will end on the 25th at midnight. 

Check for new daily deals.

Jumia’s Black Friday sale launched on the 14th of November, and every day since then a different category on the online shopping site has revealed exclusive deals that are too good to pass up. From kid toys to appliances, every hour something new goes on sales, which makes visiting Jumia’s site the first thing you do every morning this week. Our hackers also unearthed that stocks are limited, so snatching what you need is better done sooner rather than later. 

Upgrade your tech.

We can’t live without our phones and we can’t work without our laptops. If either of these things are missing in your life, then stop reading and go visit Jumia right now because something we all want that starts with an ‘i’ and ends in ‘7’ is currently dirt cheap. Our hackers tell us that technology is constantly upgrading, seemingly every hour, and that we can’t afford to be left in the technological dust. According to their report, some of the items on sale are being offered at the lowest prices in Egypt.

Prioritise purchasing imported items.

Egyptians know that today’s price is not tomorrow’s, and the price of imports continues to rise. With so many categories and plenty of brand name products, Jumia's ongoing Black Friday sales are making prices great again. Our hackers leaked us some info suggesting that import prices will continue to rise in the near future and that capitalising on these sales is a must for shopaholics. 

Remember to mark Friday on all calendars.

Some of the deals we found on Sunday seem to have disappeared on Monday. Before you start kicking yourself, make a note that on Friday, November 25th, all the daily deals that were offered in various categories throughout the 12 days of savings will all be featured again and changed every hour. However, if you mark Saturday on your calendar, you will be completely out of luck as there will be no extensions this year and this sale will likely be the last time you see these kinds of prices in the foreseeable future. Confirming this information are our hackers, who uncovered that all the deals end at midnight and that stocks are running out fast.

Visit their website, browse through their categories, and send us a Christmas card saying thank you from your new iPho...