Thursday March 30th, 2023
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7 Videos That Prove Egypt is Insane

Our streets seem to witness some really strange things. Here are some of our favourite WTF videos...

Staff Writer

 Chemistry Gone Wrong


A high school chemistry teacher tries to teach his students, and ends up giving them a lesson they'll never forget: to never enter the lab again.

For Argument's Sake

We all have that one friend that'll argue anything for any reason. Egyptians have Reham Said who'll always, always indulge them.

In the Wild

Just a cow, standing in front of a bus, asking the passengers to film her.

Beep, Beep, Beep

When tourists start whipping out their cameras to document something we think is 100% normal, you know we have a problem.

Best. Exit. Ever.


Because who has time to appear on TV when you've been waiting for a bus for an hour and it finally arrives?

So What Do You Drive?

And we act all offended when foreigners ask us if we ride camels to school...

 Donkey Departure

With all the madness we endure every day in this country, even the livestock want to leave.