Saturday June 15th, 2024
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8 Dubai Dining Spots That Need to Make it Onto Your Ramadan Calendar

From Iftars in tents to Suhoors in polo fields, these Dubai Ramadan experiences are the most anticipated this year.

Layan Adham Ismail

8 Dubai Dining Spots That Need to Make it Onto Your Ramadan Calendar

As the crescent moon cycles closer, it gently ushers in the holy month of Ramadan, bringing with it a sense of gratitude, some long overdue familial bonding time and, perhaps most fondly, a culinary spread of seasonal favourites around which ones loved ones chatter deep into the night – until the next spread of the day. 

While the heart of Ramadan lies in its spiritual and religious observance, the joy derived from a communal Iftar or Suhoor brings with it an added layer of warmth and kinship, which prompted us to curate a comprehensive list of culinary experiences in Dubai, where you and those closest to you can blabber and dine this sacred season. 

Suhoor and Hubbly Bubbly at Deck Too 

With panoramic views of the shimmering Dubai skyline, Address Sky View’s Deck Too is where you and your family can pick your Ramadan favourites from their a la carte menu, and maybe even steal a few bites from your sibling, who ended up making the better dish choice.   

If for any reason you feel inclined to bicker with your sister, who was initially happy to share her meal until you wolfed the whole thing down, their live oud performance promises to drown out even the shrillest of squeals. 

Location: Address Sky View

Time: 9 PM - 1 AM

Price: À La Carte Menu

Booking: Call +971 4 873 8888 or Email  

Suhoor at Equestrian Lounge

For those on the lookout for a more unconventional setting for their Ramadan meals, Al Habtoor Polo Resort, with its equestrian-inspired ambiance – complete with a terrace overlooking the polo field – offers an Andalusian take on Suhoor. 

You can let your indecisiveness shine, as you peruse their impressive a la carte menu, then, when you’ve finally made your choice, gaze out at the serene polo fields stretching in front of you. 

Location: Al Habtoor Polo Resort

Time: 9 PM - 1 AM

Price: A La Carte Menu

Booking: Call +971 56 545 8391 or Email 

Authentic Iftar Buffet at A La Turca and Turquoise 

Apart from its seasonal spice market and mouth watering Turkish dessert offerings – including sherbet and ice cream – Rixos The Palm is offering residents of Dubai a traditional Iftar buffet at A La Turca and Turquoise with views of the Arabian Gulf to boot. 

You can expect delectable dishes such as Meat Kibbeh, Orman Kebab, a live station serving Roast Chicken and Oriental Rice and, for the weary parents, the Rixy Kids Club will entertain your little ones, as you dine. Oh, and before you head home to prep for your Suhoor gathering or your football tournament, you might also want to fill up on their Umm Ali.   

Location: Rixos The Palm

Time: Sunset - 10:30 PM 

Price: AED 275 Upwards Per Person

Booking: Call +971 4 457 5555 or Email  

Middle Eastern Iftar Buffet at Ewaan

For some of us, Ramadan is a time for reconnecting with and celebrating traditional Arabic food, music, and threads.

With its Arabic singer and oud player, you can nod your head along to musical classics, as your hands flitter about the table, taking bites from the traditionally delicious mezze, the fresh-out-of-the-oven Arabic bread, the colourful seafood selection, and the juicy slab of meat you got straight off the grill. 

Location: Palace Downtown 

Time: 6:30 PM - 9 PM

Price: AED 295 Per Adult, AED 150 Per Child

Booking: Call 04 428 7961 or Email

‘1001 Arabian Nights’ Afternoon Tea at The Lounge

In an unconventional melange of all things English and traditional Arabic flavours, Address Beach Resort is infusing its afternoon tea feast with Ramadan-themed bites and specialty coffee. 

I don’t know about you but the name alone is enticing me to go. 

Location: Address Beach Resort

Time: 3 PM - 10 PM

Price: AED 150 Per Set

Booking: Call 04 879 8866 or Email 

Ramadan Asateer Tent 

There’s something about a Ramadan tent that fills me with nostalgia and warmth. And this year, it seems like Atlantis, The Palm’s Asateer Tent is the one I’m choosing for my late-night Suhoor. 

I’m even tempted to book their Royal Majlis or VIP Majlis with my family, listen to some live Arabic entertainment, munch on hot mezze, manakish and grilled meats, then take a few whiffs of the flavourful shisha smoke wafting through the air, as we stare out at the serene water. 

Location: Atlantis, The Palm

Time: 10 PM - 3 AM

Price: AED 180 Upwards Per Person


Suhoor Buffet at Diamond Ballroom 

With delectable hand-picked Turkish and Arabic dishes like Fattoush, Kebab Au Robe, Saffron Pulao and Turkish Baklava, the Suhoor buffet at the Diamond Ballroom is guaranteed to have you going for seconds. 

Besides culinary delights, the Diamond Ballroom, which is right in the heart of JBR, is also serving up striking views and a traditional atmosphere for you and your family/coworkers/friends can enjoy.  

Location: Rixos Premium Dubai JBR

Time: 11:30 PM - 3 AM  

Price: AED 210 Upwards Per Person

Booking: Call 04 520 0000 or Email 

Exquisite Iftar Buffet at The Atrium  

If ‘Venetian’ is your interior design cup of tea and Italian-inspired architecture fills you with wistful wonder, then The Atrium is where you should break your fast this Ramadan. 

Serving up international and oriental dishes, encompassing eight different types of cuisine, The Atrium will also feature live carving and cooking stations and, for special early birds, a generous 40% discount. 

Finally, since it’s a family-friendly establishment, it will also house a kids’ play area, allowing for a communal meal that includes all members of the clan. 

Location: Grand Millennium Dubai 

Time: Sunset - 9:30 PM  

Price: AED 259 Per Person

Booking: Call 04 423 4100, WhatsApp +971 50 494 2390, or Email