Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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8 Things You Can Order Right Now to Keep You Cool

Today's weather demands fast action...or rather rescue. We have discovered cold treats and innovative techniques you can order to save you from the merciless heat!

Staff Writer

Today with the temperature expected to rise up to 47 degrees, many have chosen to cocoon themselves in their homes or immigrate to Siberia. Walking in the street, one feels like they’re starring in an end-of-days Hollywood blockbuster. So here are some things to order from the comfort of your air conditioned cocoon:

Ice Cream from Mandarine Koueider

Today has been hereby dubbed “Ice Cream Wednesday” where one is allowed to have ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mandarine Koueider will deliver you there fresh and cold ice cream scoops go on and get yourself 3 tubs. We recommend zabady bil toot mixed with hazelnut. Call (02) 2418 6555

Watermelon from Your Mum's Fridge

Juicy, cool and thirst-quenching. Call your mum.

Ice from Seoudi Market

Seoudi delivers ice. So ice everything. When you put the ice in the freezer, feel free to join it. Call 16176

Coffee Cooler from Costa

Costa delivers ice coffee in their special insulated coolers all day. Ask for extra ice. Call 16460

Heineken from Drinkies

Ah, the sound of that glorious green bottle cracking open is almost enough to cool you down alone. Make sure to ask Drinkies to deliver them cold and pro tip: glass bottles keep cooler than the cans. Call 19330 

Inflatable Pool from Jumia

If you can't make it to the pool, let the pool come to you. Order an inflatable pool from Jumia fill it up with the ice you’ve ordered from Seoudi or the tubs of ice cream from Mandarine Koueider and just lay there. Click here.

A Cool Ride from Uber

Your AC isn’t working? You are not as doomed as you think. You may decide to explore the beauty of Cairo by ordering an Uber and simply driving around using up their air conditioning. Click here to download for iPhone and here for Android.

Lemonades from Charley's Philly Steaks 

While a Philly Cheese Steak seems a little too overwhelming in this heat, their flavoured lemonades will totally hit the spot. Call 16854