Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Gold in the City

For one special night, Event Republic's Summer in the City party goes GOLD.

Staff Writer

Gold in the City

Every year Event Republic celebrates the advent of summer with their seasonal Summer in The City series of parties. As we can all freaking tell, judging by this 45 degree heat wave we’re currently riding, summer’s here. But this time around, there’s going to be a massive gold rush as this special in the city party is channelling the precious metal. There will be gold leaf Bellinis and each guest gets their very own gold brick to take home as pet. No we’re kidding. But it is a white and gold theme and you do have to dress the part. We’re just gonna whip out our handy golden gowns we just keep around for such occasions. WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE A DRESS MADE OF GOLDEN SILK? WHAT DO YOU WEAR WHEN YOU’RE PRETENDING TO BE AN OSCAR?

June 5th put on your finest golden crown and head over to the Fairmont Nile Towers for some Gold In The City. Local hero DJ Shawky will be shaking things up behind the decks, Italy's JazzyFunk (yeah one word combining two music genres but it’s an act whatever get over it we did no we didn’t) will be making you move, and Dennis “The menace” Kruissen will kill it on the turntables. We’re kidding, no one calls him the menace, but they should if his groundbreaking remixes have anything to do with it.

Also guys, the bottles are on them? Ya hear that? Yes good, so did we, see you there.

You can check out their Facebook page here.