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AUC Blind Dating

What we assume is an attempt at channeling the sexual frustrations of Cairo's privileged young'uns, a new Facebook page matches AUC students up using really important data like what colour shirt you're going to wear to your blind date.

As it is, AUC is already a glorified speed dating service that's been going on for decades. You think your parents sent you to AUC to get an education? Ha! No, no, no... they sent you to find your future respectable bashmohandes husband or future jewellery designing wife. All those times you saw mohagabas waxing their legs and putting make up on in the bathrooms, all those midday cruises around campus, the couples making out in the gardens behind HUSS, the after-class Meeting Point rendezvous, all that sex in the theatre department... the campus is a veritable hotspot for misplaced hormones; a modern day King's court.

Now some clever kids at AUC - we're assuming they're from AUC or it would be really creepy - have started AUC Blind Dating in a hope to organise and herd all that sexual energy into one place.

Every once in a while they will have a sign up session where they will match 40 couples together on a blind date. Sounds great. What's not too promising is that the sign up form, which does not ask us what kind of date we're looking for, what we do, or anything that would let us imagine they're about to connect us with our soulmate, but simply asks us two vital question: "Where/when you free?" and "What colour are you gonna wear?" Yes, they are basing your future love life on Jesper Fforde's Shades of Grey and making it as convenient as literally closing your eyes and then opening them wherever you are, and going out with the first girl you see.

So go find your future bashmohandeses and mohandesas boys and girls and stop masturbating in the library.

Check out AUC Blind Dating here