Sunday June 4th, 2023
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This Adorable Egyptian Valentine's Day Campaign Asks Why People Aren't Closer

Close-Up launches the cutest Valentine's Day campaign encouraging you to get closer to that special someone and we love it!

Staff Writer

Humans crave contact and on Valentine’s Day the pressure is on to get closer to that special someone. So for this most romantic of all 365 days of the year, Close-Up just launched the most adorable campaign, centered around the idea of “Getting Closer” and all the quirky things that people do to get closer to those they care about. 

A compilation of street interviews, the cutesy campaign launched on their Facebook page today with the hashtag #7arka_t2arbak, focuses on Egyptian youth and all the times they have tried to get closer to someone they were interested in, only to find that their tactics were less than effective.

Don’t even, you’ve done it too; we’ve all sat in front of our phones, drafting and redrafting that one short text to try and tell our crush how we feel and we have all certainly received that dreaded reply of “Lol” or the even more dreaded radio silence. Haven't we all thought about how we stand around our crush, or all the minute details of our outfit; maybe if your shirt was more ironed she'd like you more; maybe if you were funnier or if you'd actually answered her question with the answer you thought of way after you got home from your date, you'd finally have a shot. We can all agree that if your breath was fresher, he/she would actually like you better. No one likes the fresh reek of onion in their face.

In the video, Egyptian twenty-something guys recount all the times they came up with meant-to-be ingenious ideas to get a girl’s attention and their hilarious fails, while the girls talk about which moves have worked on them and what they are looking for in a guy. 

Check out the video below: 

As the video says, when you’re getting closer to your crush you don’t want your breath to smell like koshary - that's an understandable dealbreaker. You wanna be minty fresh. Although one of the girls in the video does say that she likes koshary breath so at least SHE’S keeping things interesting.

You can check out Close-Up's Facebook page here.

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