Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Al-Azhar Donates EGP 150 Million for Children with Muscular Dystrophy

Al-Azhar's Bayt Al Zakat and Sadakat has donated millions of pounds to the 'Hope for Tomorrow' initiative, part of the government's charitable 'Tahya Misr' fund.

Cairo Scene

Bayt Al Zakat and Sadakat, Al-Azhar’s charity and zakat collection arm, has donated EGP 150 million to the ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ initiative to help treat children with muscular dystrophy.

In July 2021, Egypt launched ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ under ‘Tahya Misr’, a national fund that allows the government to finance charity work through donations. The ‘Tahya Misr’ fund recently broke three Guinness World Records for the largest donation campaign for medical devices in the world, the largest donation campaign for household appliances, and the largest donation campaign for foodstuff. As part of the ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ initiative against muscular dystrophy, ‘Tahya Misr’ was able to equip a handful of clinics across Egypt’s governorates with the equipment and training necessary to treat the rare muscle disorder.