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Alexandria Selling Public Beaches To Private Investors

Alexandria's new governor Hany El-Messiry has announced that some of the most popular public beaches might be up for grabs.

There is definitely not an abundance of public beaches in this country, and Alexandria is about to make matters way worse for normal people looking for a fun day in the sun. The Alexandria governor Hany El-Messiry has announced that he is looking to sell some public beach space to private investors as Al Akhbar has reported today. 19 beaches and casinos still delighting all Egyptians may change owner for the next three years as soon as next month.

Borg Al-Arab, Hanovil, Sidi Bishr, Asafra, Saraya and Stanley are just some of the few venues that will be used by private investors. Labeled somewhat unconstitutional, the selling of a public beach and therefore restricting people’s access to what is considered a public resource, will begin on March 22nd and finish no later than April 9th. Looks like by the summer of 2015 we will have a lot less options to refresh ourselves in the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria.