Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Amena Farahat's New Collection Features Stunning Folded Gold Pieces

Striking is an understatement for these stand-out handmade pieces.

Staff Writer

Ever been sitting in a room, bored out of your mind, and you find yourself aimlessly crunching and crinkling a few papers into random folds and then going like "Oh, that's actually a killer concept for a jewellery collection" ... Umm, Unlikely, but that's what makes the daring Egyptian designer, Amena Farahat special. She likes to tread the alternative route when designing for her eponymous Jewellery Brand, Amena Farahat Designs, whose latest collection Plissé - French for folding, was an outcome of her constant experimentation with different shapes, concepts and motifs.

The stunning collection carries her folded Plissé aesthetic throughout the different sets of the handmade necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, sometimes incorporating precious stones into the design, but mostly sticking to the minimal purity of a singular material, intertwining and folding like pleated fabric. The collection by standard arrives in sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver, however you can custom order your own piece in 18K gold - just in case you're feeling extra bedazzled.

Amena Farahat's brand is her own one woman show, from designing to marketing - "It ain't easy but it's totally worth it" she told Cairoscene, further on elaborating that she left a successful corporate career to pursue her lifelong passion of jewellery making and to spend more time with her kid. The talented designer started by enrolling in Azza Fahmy's Design Studio, which helped her develop her jewellery making skills and find her voice as a fearless and talented designer with a knack for unconventional design.

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