Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Americans Against America

A slew of American military men are opposing a proposed attack on Syria. Meanwhile, the Syrian Electronic Army hacked the US Marines' website...

Staff Writer

It’s no secret that America has been thinking about interfering in Syria in the near future. The world awaits the day the United States gets involved in the never-ending Syrian conflict, but it seems that some Americans, especially American soldiers, have had enough with their country acting like the overly attached girlfriend that gets involved in everyone’s business. Photos of American soldiers and marines holding up signs saying they’re against the potential invasion have flooded the internet, while Americans have taken to the streets protesting yet another war:


While the whole world is somewhat annoyed at the United States to say the least, one must admit that these pictures are very heartwarming. Meanwhile, the Syrian Electronic Army - a hacktivist group that supports Assad's regime - hacked a US Marines' website, proving that they're on the same page as the recruits above: