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Amici Back in Action

Yes, the rumours are true: Amici Zamalek is back in a soft opening phase before a grand relaunch to be announced soon.

After endless weeks of anticipating, hearing rumours, and hoping they were true, the best news in town came to us over the weekend. The original Amici Zamalek has once again opened its doors to the bar-hopping citizens of Cairo, just in time for the return of drinking all night and sleeping all day.

Not only have they reopened, but they've also made up for lost time by adding new drinks to their boozy menu, and a few new elements to the unmistakable decor (including blown up images of their most famous cocktails), making for a sexy facelift and more opportunities for cocktail-fuelled fun. Still in its soft opening, we hear there are a few more adjustments to be made before the grand opening is held soon. As always, you’ll hear all the details of the official relaunch here first!

In the meantime, catch up with Amici on their Facebook page here and follow @amicibar on Twitter. Make your reservation using