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Angelina to Play Cleopatra

Hollywood's hottest screen siren confirms that she will be playing Ancient Egypt's muse.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – ask any Egyptian girl who’d they want to play her in a movie and the answer is always, always Angelina Jolie. Well, we’ve finally got our way – kind of. The gorgeous Hollywood star confirmed in an interview with BBC Radio 5 that she will be playing her ancient Egyptian equivalent; the Pharaoh that stole the world’s heart, Cleopatra.

The upcoming biopic is set to reboot Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic role as the ancient muse and given both the screen sirens’ histories, we wonder if we’ll see some drama on set. Speaking to the BBC, however, Jolie seems uncertain of when we can expect what’s bound to be a blockbuster to hit the silver screen. ““We’ve been working on it … there’s been lots of different ideas of directors and lots of different discussions … the script has been written,” she confirms.