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Anti-Rape Underwear

A crowd-funded initiative has raised thousands of dollars to bring 'AR-Wear' to the global market, promising extra protection against rape.

Rape is a pandemic that afflicts many globally. Unfortunately, this heinous and despicable crime seems to be on the rise as the internet seems to be incubating what is termed 'Rape Culture' allowing monsters to post videos of their predatory nature.To be clear, it is rape anytime a person is forced into sexual intercourse against their will, or is intoxicated or drugged to the point of being unable to conscientiously decline. The fight to end rape is still a long way away, but fortunately there is a crowd-funding campaign that has so far raised $19,000 to help 'AR-Wear' onto the market. Anti-Rape wear is essentially a pair of snug fitting shorts with lockable panels around the waist, thighs, and crotch.

In the event of rape, it would take the rapist a lot of effort to take them off, giving the victim an increased chance of warding off the attack. Of course, these shorts will do little to fend off a violent or armed rapists but perhaps, after struggling, they may get frustrated enough to leave.

There are many who believe that this product only helps perpetuates the myth that it is women’s responsibility to take steps to avoid assault, and that this may continue the terrible 'defence' that the clothes the victim were wearing are responsible for the crime. Blaming the victim is as low as it gets, but happens more often than people admit. The AR-Wear website acknowledge that blame should be placed on the rapist and not the clothing of the victim. “Only by raising awareness and education, as well as bringing rapists to justice, can we all hope to eventually accomplish the goal of eliminating rape as a threat to both women and men,” their mission statement reads.

The truth is that AR-Wear will not provide a 100% defence against rape, but are as much of a deterrent as chastity belts once were. Where this product comes handy is anytime you decide to get wasted at a party full of strangers, or if you are on a first blind date, or even if you are travelling alone to high-risk places. It may not be fool-proof, but it definitely is a step in the right direction in the battle to end rape.