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Apology Demanded from Mean Girls Minister Over Fat Comments

Museum head Azza Abdel-Moneim took to social media after Minister of Culture Abdel Wahed El-Nabawy said he had a problem with fat people and suggested that she run around the museum's garden to lose weight, before she was referred disciplinary board.

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Apology Demanded from Mean Girls Minister Over Fat  Comments

Abdel Wahed El-Nabawy, the Minister of Douchebagery Culture, is being asked to apologise by Azza Abdel-Moneim, curator of the Mahmoud Saeed Museum in Alexandria, after making totally inappropriate remarks about her weight.

Taking to Facebook to demand an apology, Abdel-Moneim posted about her encounter with the Minister of Culture on April 12th on a surprise visit to the museum where she works. Accompanying the minister, Abdel-Moneim took the opportunity to discuss a bureaucratic problem that required her to travel to Cairo. “I told him that I have a problem with the centralisation in Cairo, but he interrupted me and told that he had a problem with fat people,” Abdel Moneim said in her Facebook post. The Minister of Mean Girls didn’t stop there, as the Facebook post adds “He did not stop, he continued saying offensive things about my weight, telling me to run around the museum garden in order to lose weight.”


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Posted by Azza Abd Elmonem on Monday, April 13, 2015

Abdel-Moneim's post quickly went viral being shared over 12,500 times with many coming to the curator's defence. “I won’t accept this insult because it comes from a man who represents culture and the arts in my country. It would be a disaster that he judges people by how they look and not by merit,” the post mentions. Trying to control the controversy, the Minister of Culture claims his remarks were an attempt to “break the ice” and on Monday was said to have offered an apology over the phone.

Still angry, Abdel-Moneim stresses that the apology should be made public saying “I asked him to apologise publicly just like he insulted me publicly, but so far he has not apologised.” A public apology only seems fair considering how inconsiderate and insulting the minister's comments were.

Instead of El-Nabawy being reprimanded for his mean remarks, Abdel-Moneim has been unjustly referred to a disciplinary board for interrogation as a courtesy to the Minister of Culture. Abde-Moneim added in a phone-in interview on OnTV Channel on Wednesday evening that "the minister promised me a written apology, but I was surprised with my referral to interrogation, as a courtesy to the minister at my expense, which is a clear case of collusion."

Here is how people reacted on Facebook. How do you think the minister should be reprimanded? Leave your comment below. 

You can't imagine how furious I got. It doesn't matter how you look, he has no right to talk to you about it. Also, what he needs to talk about is how much a failure he is at his job. If I were you, I'd say look at the mirror. 

Don't let go of your right, that dog must pay. 

You are as strong as a 100 women.