Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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The Arts-Mart Gallery is Bringing Over 100 Egyptian Artists Under One Roof at The Cairo Art Fair III

It’s finally that time of year again, where over 100 of Egypt’s finest artists will have the opportunity to display 1000+ artworks in what will be the largest contemporary art exhibition in the country – EVER!

Staff Writer

The Arts-Mart Gallery is Bringing Over 100 Egyptian Artists Under One Roof at The Cairo Art Fair III

Admit it - you’ve always wished you were a more intellectual, interesting individual with a passion for art, but you never visit art exhibitions, instead writing them off as fancy, exclusive places where you won’t be welcome.

But you know what? The art world in Egypt is making waves that aren’t just affecting art fanatics, but us common folk too. Whether or not you’re likely to spend your typical evenings popping into galleries, the third Cairo Art Fair, taking place at The Arts-Mart Gallery, is something to get excited about. Lina Mowafy, Arts-Mart’s Gallery Director, assures us that the gallery “is for everyone – even those who aren’t familiar with art at all.”The Cairo Art Fair III will be the largest exhibition of Egyptian contemporary art to date, with over 100 of Egypt’s finest artists displaying an extensive collection of 1000+ paintings, sculptures and photographs. The big opening night will be held on December 8th and the exhibition will run until February 15th 2018. “It’s the most unconventional art fair in the region, because we bring together well-established and emerging Egyptian artists that make up the art scene under one roof – it’s a very powerful show because you get to see the range of artists and artwork in Cairo,” says Mowafy. Keep your eyes peeled for new works by some of the country’s most popular artists – some of whom are exhibiting at Arts-Mart for the first time. Expect deeply personal creations from Mohamed El Sharkawy, fusions of the ancient and contemporary by Ibrahim El Tanbouli, and nostalgic figures and pop colours from Ayyad El Nimr – among countless other talents. “Walking through the art fair,” Mowafy tells us, “is the equivalent of walking through the current art scene in Egypt. Expect to see artworks covering every inch of space in what will feel like an old Paris salon field.”

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