Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Aswan's Abu Simbel is Getting Its Own Mamsha Ahl Misr Walkway

Stretching 600 metres, the Mamsha Ahl Misr in Abu Simbel will bring tourists and residents alike in touch with the Nile.

Cairo Scene

Aswan's Abu Simbel is Getting Its Own Mamsha Ahl Misr Walkway

If you’ve ever strolled along the Mamsha Ahl Misr walkway in Cairo, you’ve no doubt luxuriated amongst its cafes or swooned during one of its live concerts. But most importantly, you’ve admired the intimate view of the Nile. Now, the governorate of Aswan is getting a Mamsha Ahl Misr of its own at Abu Simbel.

Stretching 600 metres, the Abu Simbel tourist walkway will feature luminous flower beds, pergolas and balustrades, inviting tourists and residents alike to get in touch with Egypt’s most important natural landmark, and bringing them a landlocked alternative to those long cruises past Aswan’s ancient treasures. The construction project will also include a new cafe from which one can admire the scene, as well as a garage, accessibility ramps, and public restrooms equipped with facilities for people with disabilities.

The new walkway is part of the ‘Mamsha Ahl Misr’ initiative, which aims to enhance sites throughout the Nile, starting with Cairo in its first phase, and continuing on to Edfu and Abu Simbel in its second and third, respectively. Each phase includes unique features beyond the construction of the walkway, such as measures to control waste and prevent breaches along the Nile from Aswan to Cairo.