Wednesday May 31st, 2023
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Back2Basics' The Reunion is Set to Rally the Party Troops

The notorious B2B shebangs have returned for another round and this time they're going to absolutely dominate, with four sets, eight local DJs, and ten hours of tantalising tunes...

Staff Writer

Time sure does fly; it’s that time of the year again, where Ismael Kassem’s birthday bash, in the form of one of the iconic Back2Basics shebangs, is set to be one for the books, located at the Uptown Cairo Clubhouse, on Friday November the 13th from 2 PM - 'til you drop.

Egyptians do it better according to B2B's new event, which happens to be booking eight of Egypt’s most acclaimed crowd-pleasing DJs to play four, true to its name, back-to-back sets for a whipping ten hours of upbeat tunes that will turn the dance floor upside down and inside out. 

At “The Reunion,” the infamous B2B dance floor will witness a one-of-a-kind experience of auditory pleasure. Four sets; eight DJs; and endless party time. The line up is as follows:

Set 1: A-Squared 

The charismatic duo have been whipping dance floors into a frenzy since 2015, earning themselves a spot as some of the leading spinners in the city with their singular mix of feel-good tunes blended with aggressively epic baselines.

Set 2: Misty & Sebzz 

Two of Cairo’s faves, who play somewhat different styles, accepted the challenge and are working together to create what we believe will be a great set.     

Set 3: Abousamra & M.Fayek

Next up on the decks will be a man best known for his amazing sets locally and internationally as well as wearing triangle pendants and Deep House inspired black dress couture; Abousamra, joined by the up-and-coming but thus far incredibly impressive M.Fayek. They will be collaborating as well to create something awesome, as usual, just like every time these two share the decks.

Set 4: Baher & Hisham Zahran

And last but not least, we have two of Egypt's biggest DJs on duty to end the night in the best way possible. Baher & Zahran, the notorious Nacelle residents, are known to take the crowd on a journey and create some of the best music moments you can experience in Egypt.

With a line-up like this, and with the standard that Back2Basics has set in the past, and the fact that they raise the bar every time, this one can't be missed.