Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Bassita Reaches Goal, Proves Clickfunding Works in Egypt

After propelling their first campaign through nothing but the internet, Bassita has reached its clickfunding goal helping 1000 Egyptians get glasses they so desperately need.

Staff Writer

A few months ago, we published a feature on Bassita, Egypt's first ever NGO reliant on clickfunding - a concept which harnesses the power of the internet to make worthwhile causes go viral. By establishing a target for video views and deciding on a charity, Bassita reaches out to sponsors to contribute back to society if the amount of views set are achieved. If the goal is reached then the sponsor fulfills their promise and Egyptians in need benefit. Their first goal, in collaboration with Baraka Optics, aimed for 10,000 views of a short video revolving around aritsans that need good vision to continue their trade, but can't afford glasses. 

Last week, Bassita reached its goal and Baraka Optics have begun dispatching the much-needed eyeglasses, proving that, when people click, share and like for a cause, Egyptians can truly make a difference. As proud community partners of Bassita, you'll be sure we'll update you with their next campaign. In the meantime, keep up-to-date with all their work here.